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The Canadian Artist, Singer and Songwriter Christine Saadé (HYSC?) releases a Brand New Single in C

Entertainment International singer-songwriter, producer and performer, Christine Saadé has recently released her latest hit and remixes for her new single “Get Together” (Ft. Twisted Dee). Los Angeles, CA, November 16, 2016 – International singer-songwriter, producer and performer, Christine Saadé has recently released her latest hit and remixes for her new single “Get Together” (Ft. Twisted Dee). The song was created with Billboard charting and renowned producer Michael Blakey (Mary J Blige/Eminem) and encourages unity and productivity to reach one’s goals and make a change in today’s complex world. Saadé showcases her versatile talents while sending a positive message within her music. The singer-songwriter is limitless when it comes to genres; she has previously released singles from hip-hop to folk while diversifying her music style. Growing up in Toronto, Canada; Christine has garnered a loyal fan base and has performed in some of Canada’s most notable venues such as Yonge-Dundas Square (Toronto), The Opera House Harborfront Center (Ontario), Queens University (Ontario), The Horseshoe and multiple festivals such as the Global Village Festival, Global Youth Day, to name a few. Christine has also toured internationally to connect with fans around the world. Reaching over hundreds of thousands of fans in more than 25 countries, Saade’ continues to grow her global fan base with her own infectious beats, motivating lyrics, captivating live performances and DJ sets. In addition to her musical efforts, Christine works closely with different organizations to positively impact communities around the world. Christine has worked with non-profits such as B2DS (Beats To Da Streets), Global Youth Day, CANFAR, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and more. She’s an excellent talent emerging from a new generation of artists, not only making hits but a movement in the world. Keep an eye out for Christine Saadé’s upcoming EP entitled, HYSC? EP 1. This will be the first of a series of “music episodes,” as Christine calls it, which will be classified based on genre style. The first EP will be a mix of electronic and pop oriented songs coming out in early 2017.

Sony Buys Michael Jackson’s Stake in Music Catalog for $750M

LOS ANGELES— Michael Jackson’s estate has agreed to sell its remaining stake in a lucrative music catalog to Sony Corp. for $750 million, the entities announced Monday.

The agreement for Jackson’s half-share of the Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalog will give the company sole ownership of works by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and other hit making musicians, including Eminem and Taylor Swift.

The deal is another posthumous blockbuster deal for Jackson, whose estate has erased the singer’s massive debts through a mixture of new music and movie ventures and re-releases of the singer’s most popular music. Jackson’s estate benefits his mother and three children, known as Prince, Paris and Blanket.

“This agreement further demonstrates Sony’s commitment to the entertainment businesses and our firm belief that these businesses will continue to contribute to our success for years to come,” Sony Corp. president and CEO Kazuo Hirai wrote in a statement.

The sale does not include rights to Jackson’s master recordings or songs that he wrote, and the singer’s estate will continue to have a stake in EMI Publishing, Inc.

“This transaction further allows us to continue our efforts of maximizing the value of Michael’s Estate for the benefit of his children,” the co-executors of Jackson’s estate, attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain, wrote in a statement. “It also further validates Michael’s foresight and genius in investing in music publishing.”

Jackson purchased the ATV portion of the catalog in 1985 for $41.5 million, and he later merged it with Sony. It remained his most lucrative asset at the time of his death in June 2009 at age 50, though by that point Jackson was hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

Becoming a Music Producer: Where Do I Find Those Sick Rap Beats?

Music Behind every hit rap song and star rapper there is a skilled music producer. Without a skilled producer, it is unlikely that rappers such as Jay-Z, Ludacris, or Eminem would have ever been able to attain the level of fame and success that they have. Producers are the wizards behind the curtain of every hit rap song, often going unrecognized for their talents but are a vital part of the process when it comes to creating a rap hit. Becoming a music producer is a challenging career choice, however the rewards are great. Having a highly focused game plan is the key to finding success in this business. 1. O OIn order to get started down the path of becoming a producer the first thing you need to do is to determine what sub genre of rap you want to produce. Rap is a broad genre and has many sub genres under it such as East Coast rap, West Coast rap, and Dirty South. Each of these sub genres has a distinct sound that sets it apart from the rest of the genre. Maybe you prefer mixing sounds and want to pull influences in from different genres to create your own sound. Regardless of the sound or genre you choose, you should enjoy the music that exists within those domains as attempting to produce music you don’t like is a recipe for disaster. It is also important to have a basic understanding of music theory. The reason for this is because successful producers are always on a mission to create a hit track. In order to do this, they must stretch themselves outside their comfort zones and arrange and sample music that is outside the rap genre in order to create truly unique sounds. Having an understanding of what makes a hit song and how to mix a beat track with a hard rock guitar riff and layer in vocals is the key to your success. And speaking of beat tracks, many producers will either create one themselves or rely on a third party to create one for them. The rap beat is what brings all of the elements of the track together and provides uniformity as well as providing the tempo and the “draw” of the song. In a rap song, the beat is the most important aspect of the track. If you are relatively new to the business, it makes sense to begin your career by using the beats created by more seasoned artists in order to get the hang of the mixing process. Co2 Musik Group creates offers rap beats for sale to anyone looking for a killer beat to add to a rap song. So, if you are in the market to purchase a sick rap beat, look no further than Co2 Musik Group. They have the expertise and skills necessary to provide you with the beats you need to get your career off the ground.

No One Is Talking About Eminem Albums Anymore

Music Eminem’s original name was Marshall Bruce Mathers 3. He is also known as “Slim Shady.” He was born on October 17, 1972. He is an American rapper, songwriter, music producer, and actor. He is a member of D12 and one-half of the hip-hop duos Bad Meets Evil. He is one of the best-selling artists in the world as well as the best-selling artist in 2000’s. He listed as one of the greatest artists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. This magazine ranked him number 82nd on their list of 100 greatest artists of all time. The Rolling Stone declared that he is the king of hip-hop. He released his debut solo album, “Infinite” in 1996. This album was a commercially failure. Eminem gained mainstream popularity in 1999 after the release of his major-label debut album “The Slim Shady”. This album earned him first Grammy Award for The Best Rap album. His next two albums “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Eminem Show” won Best Rap Album Grammy Awards. In addition, this made him as the first artist to win The Best Rap Album for three consecutive albums. His next studio album released in 2004. This album titled as “Encore Eminem.” After touring in 2005, he went to hiatus. He released his most awaited album titled “Relapse” on May 15, 2010. He released his seventh studio album “Recovery.” This album was an international successful album and it became the best album of 2010. He won Grammy awards for both “Relapse” and “Recovery.” Eminem earned total 13 Grammy Awards in his career. If you like my article on Eminem album then you might also like me. I am Vishal Pawar and I am Musician and dancer since 2004.

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Usher reaches milestone with album

Fashion & Cosmetics Just after successfully selling over ten million copies of “Confessions”, Usher can now share an honor with notable music celebrities like Celine Dion, Eminem, and Britney Spears. The album was released on March 23, 2004 and peaked at number a single around the Billboard 200 Chart.
When it peaked it stayed peaked for a total of nine weeks, a huge accomplishment in itself.
“Confessions” is well known for the hot singles “Yeah!”, “Burn”, and “Confessions: Element II”, all of which have peaked around the Billboard 100 Singles Chart. Even with all the album’s most effective singles, it can be now safe to say that the entire album excelled.
Usher’s eighth studio release, “Lookin 4 Myself” sold significantly much less than his earlier album, “Raymond vs. Raymond.” In spite of what critics may possibly have stated, Usher nevertheless felt that his newest milestone accomplishment was sufficient, to say the least. Either way, the new album nevertheless topped the charts and is presently readily available on iTunes.
Usher proved he nonetheless has the talent at this year’s BET Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Usher performed his hit single, “Climax” which after once more demonstrated his ability to captivate his female audience.
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How To Write A Succesful Novel

Education First of all, writing a novel is not a difficult thing. Just ask Eminem. It’s like keeping a diary from a godlike perspective. Pay attention to a few things which should get you started in no time. One of them is planning. A novel starts as a project, just like a house does. You want to build it and sell it, then you need to plan it first. You can’t put a flimsy foundation on a four storey just like you can’t end a tragedy with a wedding taking place. So at first, plan your course of action. Decide what the end is before you start writing the beginning. Otherwise you’ll just go with the flow, the main reason successful writers suddenly get blocked. Inspiration comes and goes, but rationale doesn’t, as it’s not based on momentum, but on a logical course of ideas. In this case, we’re talking a fictional course of ideas. Begin with knowing where you start, where you go from there and when will it end. Next step, characters. There’s a reason writers like Hemingway or Mark Twain chose to build their characters based on themselves and friendlies: they’re real, therefore plausible. It’s hard, extremely hard I might add, to build plausible characters from scratch. That happens because of the difficulty one encounters when trying to be several people at once. A good ‘fictional’ character is one you are able to see and react to it, care about it. Think about Tom Sawyer for an instant. Next comes coordination. Once you find the persons you want to build your characters around, find their connections. Of course, those are tightly related to your plot. By taking in consideration the psychology of your characters you need to find the best way they can relate with one another and with the plot for maximum of impact on the readers. Actually this is the hardest part. That’s because you need to detach yourself emotionally from you brainchild and exploit its pieces to the limit. Once you get that done there’s no turning back. You may have dozens of drafts written, but those will only affect the novel semantically or grammatically, the core itself will have been established. I do not care to elaborate on certain novel rules and limitations. As far as modern writing goes, there are none. In the old times there had to be certain truths to be established, characters to be defined by the course of their or others actions. There are no such tedious requirements today. Everybody writes. But a weak novel is still weak, old rules or new. Before you write you have to think as a director. If you can manage that you’re halfway there. The other half is pure luck. competitive advantage essay

Ways to listen to trap music

Business Time is changing swiftly and so as the choices of consumers. Every field experiencing the change in user’s choice and if we talk about music, then it has accepted major changes over the years. From the base oriented Beatles music to rap music of Eminem music lovers have diversified their interest significantly and adding the music genres lists nowadays users are crazy about trap music. For all of them who are still unaware of trap music it is basically a sub genre of rap music which is often contains reverbs as its main instruments. Many famous rappers including Rick Ross and Gucci mane have contributed significantly in trap music. Usually trap music has down tempo beats with high energy, but nowadays you will easily came across many variants of trap music. It is often said that in order to produce good quality trap music you have to master the art of using drums. Drums play significant role in the trap music genre and if you have command over handling drum beats, then you can create good trap music. For a listener’s perspective trap music is full of energy and fast beats. Mass is nowadays crazy for the trap music. Due to the developing interest of mass in the trap music genre there are a number of websites featuring trap music , but most of them are featuring only the hit numbers. Moreover, few websites are just listing trap music in their category and hence if you are searching for the good quality trap music in bulk, then you have to pick such website which is dedicated mostly to the trap music. Websites like http://runthetrap.com/are known for the having good collection of trap music and also having a variety of other genres. On such websites you will also get the chance to listen quality hip hop music as well. As TRAP is sub genre of rap music and hence you will get plenty of fast beats accompanied with heavy electric guitar, synths or sometimes piano. Once you start listening trap music you will never stop it for sure. You can also download the trap music from various websites. If you are a music lover and fond of listening rap music, then you must have to try trap once. You will surely love this sub genre of trap and so start listening now.

fifty Cents and His Rolls Royce Phantom

Advice As soon as almost mysterious exterior his hometown of southside Jamaica, Queens, he is at the moment signed to Eminem’s history label Shady Data and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Enjoyment. The rapper, who was the initial to indicator to Shady Records, was scouted just before understanding Eminem. Eminem very first encountered fifty Cent with MTV Information reporter Sway Calloway Eminem evidently experienced not listened to any of 50 Cent’s performances in advance of observing him in particular person. He appeared on the eight Mile soundtrack with an accompanying tune and video clip (“Wanksta”) that promptly went into heavy rotation on Wager, MTV, and radio stations throughout the nation. In the opinion of a lot of observers his continued good results would seem assured by his substantial underground fanbase and the street reliability he has received by showing on virtually each important blend tape sold in New York in the earlier few many years.Early ExistenceCurtis Jackson in no way realized his crack cocaine-addicted father, and his mother, a bisexual Queens drug dealer operating beneath “Excess fat Cat”, was murdered when Jackson was only eight many years outdated. Her death had a significant impact on Jackson, the diploma of which is speculated about by lovers, and her sexuality also played a critical part in Jackson’s psychological progress, which he would afterwards reference in the song “Dislike It or Really like It” off The Game’s album The Documentary), “Comin’ up, I was bewildered, my momma kissin’ a female/ Confusion takes place, comin’ up in a chilly world”. The exact same tune also includes a mild indictment of his father’s absence, “Daddy ain’t approximately, likely out committin’ felonies”.Following his mother’s dying, Jackson finished up living with his grandparents, exactly where as a teenager he grew to become immersed in the local drug trade. Hustling all around his native Jamaica, Queens neighborhood, Jackson went by the title of “Boo Boo”. It was in the course of this period of time of distributing narcotics that Jackson fulfilled fellow Queens indigenous Tony Yayo, who would afterwards turn into a member of Jackson’s G-Unit team. In June of 1994, Jackson was arrested on felony drug prices. Staying a second time offender, Jackson was able to plead out of considerable prison time by accepting seven months in a “shock incarceration” boot camp. He would later boast about this period as his carrying out “7 to nine.”He grew to become a father to a son, Marquise in 1997. Jackson satisfied up with Jam Grasp Jay of Operate-DMC fame and was signed to his label JMJ. Jay taught him the basic principles and then 50 left the label in search of a person who could aid him obtain his aspiration of rap stardom. He teamed up with the hip-hop production duo Track Masters who acknowledged 50 Cent’s talent for acerbe lyrics and signed him to Columbia Documents in 1999. Although he seems to be again on this time with displeasure (his biography refers to it as staying “locked up in the studio”), the 18 days invested in a studio in Upstate New York produced 36 tracks which later on grew to become his breakthrough album Electricity of the Dollar. “How to Rob”, the humorous ode to robbing a slew of industry rappers (Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Busta Rhymes (Flipmode Squad), various customers of the Wu-Tang Clan, even Track Masters, and many a lot more) was an immediate hit for New York radio.

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